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Milan is totes human like any of us and full of mistakes, dramas, and trials. She the girl at school you realize is so much more normal than you thought. She loves magazines, beauty products, accessories, and gushing about love. She tries too hard, sometimes is a mess, can have moods, and is not trying to be perfect. It's everyone else who wants her to be that way! Or so she thinks. And while nothing is ever straightforward and at times she is crushed, she stays snatched, glossed, and QT. Milan is a beauty in her city. She's a boss naturally, kind of like you! 🥰



Here's How It All Begins: 
The beginning of the end started the summer before senior year. Seventeen years old—a record year for me. I was just a girl. The only Milan on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Being the only anything in New York was rare. Like all girls, I had a secret. Being deaf was something I found easier to deal with when fewer people knew, so just before starting a new high school and after Mama’s accident, I reinvented myself. I left my hearing aid at home permanently, which made it difficult at times because I only had partial hearing in one ear to start with. Without my hearing aid, I really was in complete silence. Yet I had other skills that allowed me to communicate just fine. It wasn’t too soon after I started high school that I began modeling, and, well, the world looked at me in a way I sort of liked. But love—that was what confused me the most. I had found myself in a boy craze of the most peculiar predicament, in a tangled web that nearly took me under. They never warn you about love, and no magazine could ever do it justice.

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