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Support, Donate, Pull Up

Since the start of the COVID 19 Outbreak we at Beauty and the City have pledged to stay positive and support communities around the nation to get through these times. Currently we donate a portion of each sale to 3 Non-Profit Organizations. 

Each month members of our team submit the charities they have donated to. We are sharing our list here for inspiration and collaboration to spread the word on these amazing charity efforts. 

Here are some great causes our team continues to support:

Office of Food Concern 
Our Lady of Lourdes 
St Patrick's Cathedral NY 
National Wildlife Fund 
Harlem Grown 
Tuskegee Wesley 
GoFundMe Clean Water 
Black Girls Code 
Marcus Bookstore Go Fund Me 
Rural Utah Project Navajo Family Go Fund Me
Action Pac 
Black and Missing


The Grassroots Law Project


GoFundMe Elijah McClain 




St Jude Children's Research Hospital

Doctors Without Borders


Share with us the organizations you are supporting. We would love to support and pull up. We continue to add to this list as we approach Fall and Winter 2020. We believe in doing good on purpose year around. 

Stay Safe Out There!

xoxo Beauty


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