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Definitely, with the coming of rainy days and cool winds, freeze time is here. We need to be sure how to spend our time outside and enjoy the cold city at any time.

Please, take advantage of this situation and enjoy the activities, places, and entertainment that it has for you. Just remember, put your mask on and social distance.


Now is the best time to learn about music, art, people, and history. Have you been to the arc-house? You should go. It is a place where technology, science, and art play together to show us the power of them.

Anyway, you also have museums, and galleries. These can be easy places to social distance. 




Always going out for a good dinner is a perfect plan to enjoy time with your friends, family, or love.

  • For Brunch: You can try Good Thanks, Bluestone Lane, Jack's wife Freda, or Citizens.
  • For Dinner: Café D'alsace, Boqueria, Acqua Santa or Chelsea Market is a perfect place where you can find a different kind of food.
  • For Coffee: The best place to have some coffee and have a good time with friends this winter is Devoción. You also can try Bluestone, Blue Bottle, and Starbucks.



-Parks: You can walk around and see the lights in many parks like Bryant Park or Washington Square Park. Enjoy the fairs and skating rinks.

-Views: See the sunset in DUMBO, Long Island, Greenpoint, of course, make sure to wear a coat, hat, and scarf.

Now you know that the goal is having fun at any time, and winter doesn't mean that you have to live another quarantine. So, look pretty and enjoy your time in the city.

We want to be part of your life. Let's keep in touch 💄. 

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