Welcome To Our Community Blog!

Welcome to Beauty and the City Community Blog! 🎉

Hello and welcome to the Beauty and the City Community Blog. This is a community-run blog that will feature articles and videos from different bloggers, writers, content creators, and influencers. The content on this blog will be very diverse and you can expect to read and watch videos about topics like beauty, make-up, storytimes,  fashion, and style. With such a wide array of topics from different bloggers, writers, and influencers you can expect to read and watch lots of exciting and fun content. 📖 🎥

If you’re a blogger, writer, content creator or influencer with a blog, youtube channel, tiktok or instagram page then we'd love to share some of your content on your page on our blog. As we share your content you also have the option to become a Brand Ambassador so we can continue to collaborate. Below is the link and some guidelines.


  • All submissions must be original content. Please do not submit anything that is not yours or that you do not own the rights to.
  • If you are submitting a video there is no minimum or maximum length. Just make sure the videos are fun and engaging.
  • If you are submitting an article there is no minimum word count but we require that all articles are high quality and the topic is thoroughly detailed.
  • For videos please make sure the language is easy to comprehend, appropriate, and friendly. No excessive cursing.
  • For articles please make sure the language used is appropriate and friendly. Also, we ask that you check for grammar and punctuation while having proper paragraphs and sentence structure.

If you’d like to share any of your own articles or videos consider joining our Write For Us program. 💙


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