#Thankful 🌟


We are so #Thankful for you, our Beauty and the City Community. 

We wanted to share and celebrate some things we are grateful for. Please leave a comment and tell us what you are grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving🦃🍁

#Thankful for Life, Breath, and Peace

#Thankful for great stories that keep us inspired and enthralled

#Thankful for our amazing customers

#Thankful for nature reminding us life is still blooming and growing around us despite this pandemic of sorts

#Thankful for beauty as a way to be expressive and creative

#Thankful that the Sun rising reminds us each day there is something fresh and happy is breaking through each day

#Thankful to our Beauty and the City community

#Thankful for the raised consciousness in our country and on our planet pushing for equality, justice, and higher standards of living for the human race


#Thankful for our creative Beauty and the City Team

We keep living and times keep evolving thankfully. Eventually something new, beautiful, and fresh will emerge. 🌟

We are #Thankful for everything in between. 💖

Tell us what are you #Thankful for? Leave a comment below.

 xoxo BNTC


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  • Posted by Lisa on

    #Thankful for my family and friends. #Thankful for our health and safety

  • Posted by Latoya on

    I am thankful for my health, my family. The experience of life and love. For many of the blessings that my family, friends and I continue to receive.

  • Posted by Laura on

    I am thankful for my beautiful family , being healthy and the love I get from my friends. Thanking God for everything.

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