Quick Everyday Makeup Routine

You probably have a similar dilemma every single day as a beauty lover: Trying to decide which makeup look to wear. There is almost an infinite number of options in the daily look of make-up based on a lot of beauty trends and a number of makeup products. While gala nights and other important events demand sophisticated looks and a dozen items, a daily look is quick and easy to obtain. Today, we are bombarded with hundreds of commercials for various cosmetics products, and beauty gurus are continuously adding new “must-do” tasks. But applying too much make-up every day may hamper your skin, so it’s vital to know how to look together without over boarding. Here is a guide to doing a quick everyday makeup routine.


Wash your face and then apply moisturizer following your daily skincare routine.


When working on a beautiful daily look, you should never skip the primer. A good primer will make sure that your makeup lasts longer. Apply it all over your face to create a smooth canvas for the remaining of your makeup.


A foundation is not a necessary step in every look, but it makes you appear more put together, which is especially important when applying makeup for work. Don't forget to take the foundation down your neck.


To neutralize the look of any discoloration, pop up your palette with color correction. If you need an update on how color fixes work: A green hide will work to eliminate redness, the lavender hide can fight darkness, peach concealers will hide dark circles, and yellow disguise other discolors.



Just next to the nose and under your eyes, push the powder lightly into your T area. Avoid any areas you want to keep dewy. This powder does not deposit color, so it fuses seamlessly into the skin. A good powder holds your foundation.



Use fine shimmer highlighter spray or glitter stick to impart a light bronzy glow to your skin. Apply this to your cheekbones, brow, and jawline. Always dab a little on your nose for a natural sun kissed appearance.

Give a try to GLOW UP BEAUTY AND THE CITY GLITTERSTICK. This smooth glitter stick will give you a sparkle glow enhancing your features.



Apply eye primer on your lid first to start eye makeup. Then apply your suitable eyeliner according to your eye shape.

Give a try to BEAUTY AND CITY CREAMY EYELINER KIT. Beauty and the city eyeliner range comprise of three colors i.e. Ninja Black, Mercury Metallic Grey, and Diamond Silver. Its creamy texture makes it easy to apply.



Mascara and brow gel instantly improve the appearance. Mascara completes your eyes and makes you look more put-together, while brow gel frames your face by highlighting your brow bones.


Give a try to BEAUTY AND THE CITY LENGTHENING & VOLUMIZING MASCARA. Make sure to curl your lashes quickly to make them look even better! Apply a small amount to your top lashes and a small amount to your bottom lashes. Using the, you can lengthen, volumize, and separate your hair.


Firstly apply a hydrating lip moisturizer. Now simply add gloss to make this everyday makeup look effortless. You do not need to apply lip liner or choose a color.

This lipstick/balm hybrid creates the ideal glossy pout.

Give a try to BEAUTY AND THE CITY VITAMIN C LIP MOISTURIZER . It provides lasting hydration making lips smooth and softer.

Then apply BEAUTY AND THE CITY LIP GLASS. It gives you shiny moisturized glossy lips. You can also wear it on any lip shade.


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