How to add the Beauty and the City Glitter Sticks to your routine.

Glow Up Your Makeup Routine Today!  

Our glitter stick proves that a little most DEF goes a long way. I love the BNTC glitter stick. It has replaced my Anastasia highlight pallet! I KNOW, IT’S THAT GREAT! When you get the glitter stick you can simply add this to your makeup routine to glow up your look. It can serve as an eyeshadow, highlighter, and even lipstick! Here are the steps I do in my makeup routine that make me look glamorous but also take 20 minutes tops! A cute glam look that is timeless. 


  1. Cleanse your face, moisturize and put on your favorite primer, we have our BNTC face shimmer that can serve as a primer and setting spray! Giving you that perf glow even before your makeup is on.  
  2. Using our glitter stick simply rub some on your index finger and rub it on your eyelids! Sparkle up your eye look with glitter that is noticeable but not overpowering. Imagine a cute little pixie fairy!! 
  3. Use your fav concealer to make your face brighter in the places that you need to look brighter on your face, I just use my concealer on the under bags of my eyes! 
  4. Next using our volumizing BNTC mascara simply coat your lashes to give them length & boldness! Trust me, people are going to ask if they are false lashes. Then curl your lashes with your fav lash curler to give them that extra oomph!  
  5. After your lashes & eyeshadow looks perfect that is when I add my bronzer to give me some dimension on my cheeks! My elf bronzer does just the trick and is super affordable too. 
  6. Using my favorite rosy pink ELF blush I pat that on the top of my cheeks to make it look like I am blushing!  
  7. Using the BNTC glitter stick I then just swab it on the upper side of my cheeks where highlight goes, I found that using the product straight on my face goes on better than swabbing it on my hand and dabbing the product on my face. The sparkles will glow bright when using the glitter stick!! 
  8. Lastly, I use the BNTC face shimmer to set all the makeup that I have used on my face. Giving it that super cute and nice glow!  

That’s it! Now you are ready to shine bright like a diamond to wherever your destination is. Don’t forget your mask though! Don’t worry though, using the BNTC face shimmer sets your makeup so it won’t rub off on your mask. Stay safe  💕


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