How Makeup Style is Just as Selective as Your Choice in Guys

Let's face it, ladies; we all have that one makeup style we can't live without. You know that fantastic blush that shade brings out the radiance of your skin and makes your eyes pop. The powerful lipstick that leaves you feeling sassy and classy all day.

Your favorite eyeliner, foundation, mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow … do you get my drift? 💄

We are choosy when it comes to our makeup style because it eventually reflects on our uniqueness, personality, and of course, taste in fashion. Take a look at most YA books and Free Chapter magazines. They all mirror our selective nature in terms of style, love, and dating.

The art of self-expression

Your choice in men, just like your makeup preference, is all about self-expression. It’s true – makeup does more than spruce up your physical appearance, as it is an individual reflection of who you are as a person.

The same goes for the guys we choose to date or hang out with. Do you have a thing for Mr. Wise Guy, Funny Guy, Generous Guy, Hunky, or the Player? Would you go for a Michael B. Jordan type dude or a Bieber? No matter your choice, this is inherently a personal reflection of what you stand for as a person, much like the way you prefer a bold red lipstick, lush mascara, or a smokey makeup.

More than meets the eye

Once again, your preference for guys and makeup styles says a ton about your personality or inner diva. For instance, if you lean towards everything classic, including classic YA books and classic makeup style (a soft pink lip, small flick eyeliner, etc.), the guys you pick will most likely fall along this line too. In short, the odds are good that you will fall for a gentleman; the mature, faithful, and honest dude with lots of integrity.

If you're a makeup rookie, on the other hand, you’ll explore many styles at first before settling on one that tickles your fancy. In the same way, you will eventually settle on a type of guy that arouses your innermost and basest feelings. 😍

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