Do you love autumn as much as we do? It is so fantastic. 
You can enjoy the breeze and the sun at the same time. You feel the perfect temperature, something in the middle is like not too warm as summertime but not too cold as wintertime. It is just both of them at the same time. 
That feeling is gorgeous because not ''all the things'' work as halves. And this is a big difference between all the seasons. 
Autumn is as beautiful as women. You can see how all the leaves fall from the trees and fly dancing over the sky. 
Start to dance with your power and strong personality. Take care of your feelings and your body. Keep your face radiant, and shine as you are, any time any wear. 
 You don't always need to wear high heels to be glam. And, sometimes even if you'd had a challenging day, you can still look well put together. During this season, the casual style inspires designers to make some clothes informal and add a touch of glamour. So a casual look is still pretty and feminine. 
Here are some ideas that you should know to look pretty all this season:
1. Take your jacket out with you. Check some ideas out: 
  • Stripped Jackets are super casual, comfortable, and make a difference in your outfit. Try them with some jeans or jogging pants.
  • Corduroy Jackets are glamorous and go with anything. Always practice and a good option.
  • Printed Jackets are the perfect combination to make your outfit different and stylish.
  • The Man Jacket is easy to style with anything and super warm to wear on rainy days.
2. Wear some practice pants like jogging pants, straight pants, or jeans. 

 3. Put a little bit of blush on your cheeks. Just make sure to select the best color for you.


 4. Try a little bit of volumizing mascara on your eyes and get the power out of them.

5. Keep your lips soft and smooth. Our Beauty and the City Lip Glass is your best selection for this.

Now, start to dance freely, as you feel. Keep moving your body and be happy. We love to see you as beautiful as you are.

We want to be part of your life. Let's keep in touch 💄.


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