Beauty and The City February Chapter Magazine Preview: Healing Hands.

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What Works Best..OH NO... Still in a pandemic We all need to Stay Safe – Stay Healthy – Stay Clean…. Still... We Must Stay BEAUTIFUL! During this face maskin', hand washin', new new norm, we have to protect and care for our skin more than ever before. Our hands are on the front line. We wear vinyl and rubber GLOVES, wash & clean our hands, use drying SANITIZERS, lots of LIQIUID SOAPS, towelettes and alcohol WIPES. We clean a lot more than ever before. When we go outside we expose our hands to the bitter cold. Our hands need more than protection. Our hands need TLC. Signs of dryness can pop up in the form little dry patches, itchyness and rough spots. And BEWARE of that withering look and texture of…..ole wrinkled hands. Here are some tips we mentioned in our BLOG.

3- E-A-S-Y to-do's

1 When washing your hands rinse for an additional 10 seconds. This rinses any excess soap away

2- Mix up a good home made hand moisturizer. To make your own - Get a small container with a lid. Use your favorite lotion or cream and look in your pantry for some oil. Optionally: You can use either a little olive oil, coconut or grape seed oil. Stir for 2 minutes with a spoon. Cover the rest and save for another time.

3- Name your new concoction, put it on your hands and work it in. Massage your hands, one-to-one. Give your hands a little TLC. If you are home daily, use daily after each time you wash your hands. Importantly, put your concoction to work every night before going to bed. Massage your hands as often possible. Your hands will thank you. Dry skin patches won’t come back.

Keep your hands soft, smooth, and beautiful.


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