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Beauty and the City 🌟 The best YA book for Quarantine

New times create new demands. During the pandemic, people across the globe were forced to stay indoors and up to this day, we are still advised to work from home. This new normality has created a great demand for reading amongst other things. People started reading very diverse genres probably because of the free time that quarantine has created.

In this article, I am going to talk about a new YA novel I had the opportunity to read during quarantine, called Beauty and the City, and share my thoughts on why everyone should as well.

Beauty and the City Story

The Story of Beauty and the City revolves around a young teenage girl, called Milan and her beauty, love, and secrets in NYC. Milan is being envied by all in her private school because according to them she has the ideal life. She is a pretty and successful supermodel, with a handsome boyfriend in a boarding school. However, this assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Milan struggles in her house, with a father who pretends she doesn’t exist from time to time, and a brother who is a stranger to her. At the same time, she keeps her friends ignorant about her true feelings and needs, while her boyfriend Noel is distant.

In this reality, Milan is turning her attention towards herself and wants to become even more beautiful and popular to forget about Noel. A young exchange student is falling for her but she is still in love with Noel and while she tries to balance in the midst of it all she experiences a variety of feelings.

Story Review

The story of Milan is relatable to many teenage girls in the present era, giving the book a realistic touch. Her journey is about finding acceptance and fulfillment in her life, from which she feels so detached.

At the same time, it portrays the difficulty of a young girl who feels alone in the world, trying to find her way in an unstable family environment, and romance in a world of shallow relations.

Beauty and the City is a remarkable story written in a fascinating way to keep you engaged and eager to want more by the end of each chapter. Its high-quality writing style, as well as the depth of the character’s emotions, have successfully met the readers’ need to relate and empathize.

For this reason, the author has released numerous products related to the story from T-shirts, to phone cases for loyal fans and enthusiasts, which can be easily purchased from its official website.

If you are searching for a new book to add to your everyday quarantine routine, I highly recommend you to try out Beauty and the City. You won’t be disappointed.


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