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  • The Best Vegan Skincare Products

    The skincare industry has had an explosion in recent years. With old and new brands releasing modern skincare products, it’s no surprise that they’re coming out with vegan options as well. I mean, who doesn’t want healthy skin while also being considerate of everything that a lot of animals go through during testing? We all want to play our part and go for cruelty-free products. Let us help you choose from amongst the multitudes of products in the market today!


  • Quick Everyday Makeup Routine

    You probably have a similar dilemma every single day as a beauty lover: Trying to decide which makeup look to wear. There is almost an infinite number of options in the daily look of make-up based on a lot of beauty trends and a number of makeup products. While gala nights and other important events demand sophisticated looks and a dozen items, a daily look is quick and easy to obtain. Today, we are bombarded with hundreds of commercials for various cosmetics products, and beauty gurus are continuously adding new “must-do” tasks. But applying too much make-up every day may hamper your skin, so it’s vital to know how to look together without over boarding. Here is a guide to doing a quick everyday makeup routine.

  • Best Summer Self Tan Products

    Self-tanning is a safe and UV-free way to make someone sit at home, far from windows, for more than a year, sun kissed. However, not all self-tanners are created equal: Some must sit on your skin for a long time, while others are difficult to apply evenly. With the best fake tan products, we have your back. You can glow even if you don't have to see a beach in time with those easy to apply tanning products. Below are the really good self-tanners, who will not leave you looking like an orange striking mess as long as you follow the basic instructions and advice outlined below!